One Man’s Trash: The Pool, Assault of the Killer Bimbos, and Decoys

The Poolthepool2001_9641

This little treat is a rather unexceptional high school slasher, at face value.  That doesn’t keep it from being  terribly entertaining despite itself.  I am pretty sure English was a second language for the screenwriter/cast, if the wording and delivery of the dialogue is any indicator.  There are also amazingly silly moments to add levity.  Case in point, as a convoy of at least three cars are about to roll out, the drivers take care to insert their Cassette tapes at the same time to ensure they’re jamming in sync.  Another thing this movie did well is location.  Through the guise of a last hurrah after graduation, the victims navigate themselves to a water park that looks like a huge mall with streams rather than floors.  The setting offers a lot to look at as well as a variety of dark corners for our unitard clad skull faced killer to wreak havoc.  He lays waste to horny teenagers one by one, including one remarkable kill, where he shoves his machete up through the bottom of a waterslide so as to catch unsuspecting sliders right down the middle.  Anyone who sits down with this movie should be able to find something to love.

Assault of the Killer Bimbosassault_of_killer_bimbos_poster_01

Two go-go dancers get caught at the wrong place at the wrong time and get blamed for the murder of there boss.  This of course spawns a cross country road trip, during which they kidnap a waitress at the first greasy spoon they stop at.  If that weren’t enough they make the acquaintance of three surfer boys, who they keep running into allowing a romance to form between two of them.  Throughout the film, the girls don’t seem too worried about  there predicament, as they stop at the side of the road to do an impromptu makeover to help their friend attract the surfer she likes.  This followed in short succession by a police chase that climaxes in a fantastic car flip after the windshield is entirely blocked by thrown lingerie.  On top of all this, the film is littered with colorful dialogue, such as, ‘If a martian ever saw me naked, I’d flip,’ ‘Skexy- kinda skanky kinda sexy,’  and ‘cow-a- bunga’ all without the slightest hint of irony.   One of the only complaints I could think of with this movie, is that there is only one boob shot in the whole movie.  The landscape is filled with gratuitous scantly clad T&A shots, but the actual nudity level is shockingly low for this type of film.



This film plays like a Species ripoff.  There are a group of alien girls who are attempting to save their race by mating with human men.  Unfortunately their mating techniques freeze the men from the inside out.  The usual goes from there; one man knows what’s happening and can’t convince anyone of the truth.  He also becomes a prime suspect in the murders as a result.  What this movie has to offer is some T&A and not entirely terrible alien effects.  It isn’t going to win any awards, but it is a solid movie.  You would expect painful acting and camera work on something like this, but you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised.  My one major issue with this movie is a bit of a mysterious past love notion with this cop lady.  As a matter of fact, the entire police angle of the movie seems misplaced.


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