Dream Home

So I just finished watching Dream Home, a Chinese slasher flick. It is pretty reminescent of other Asian horror, with over the top kill scenes, and determined Asian work ethic. Here’s what Netflix says about the film.

Cheung (Josie Ho) will do anything to own her perfect little dream home —¬†anything. And with a mix of cold-hearted determination and homicidal tendencies, the title and deed do become hers. But who will have to pay the price for Cheung’s outrageous methods? Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Eason Chan, Lawrence Chou, Michelle Ye Suen and Juno Mak co-star in this shocking slasher from director Ho-Cheung Pang.

I really enjoyed the movie, and I’m actually a little disappointed in the lack of interest it’s receiving on the IMDB message boards, with less than a full page of thread topics. This movie was pretty awesome from the get go. You follow this girl Chueng who is trying to achieve her childhood dream of getting her own apartment that overlooks the sea. Sadly, she works at a call center for a bank, and there’s just no way she can afford it. So she decides to bring the property value down by committing a series of murders.

This is where it gets pretty funny though. The movie went all out to make these kill scenes really funny. Chueng isn’t really good at being a murderer. She is nearly killed several times herself when her victims fight back. There is plenty of blood and gore, but it isn’t spraying out everywhere like anime blood. This is China folks, not Japan.

I definitely would recommend this movie to anyone who likes Asian horror flicks. It’s better than Audition.


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