Digidev.tv: an Update

You may recall me writing about a service called Digidev.tv a few months back that had streaming for a few studios that are not well represented in the mainstream market.  At the time, one of the biggest problems I had with the service is the fact that they wanted you to pay $5 a month for each studios’ channel.  This Friday, however, I received an email from the telling me that you can now get all of their channels for a single $5 charge a month.  This makes the service much more appealing. Below is a taste of what you’ll be getting for $5 a month.

If you’re interested in joining check it out at http://www.digidev.tv/.

Synapse filmsSynapse


Synapse offers a collection of horror, Japanese horror, and erotica.  There are some truly interesting choices here

Cinema Libre StudioCinemaLibre


This one focuses on a collection of documentaries.

Cult EpicsCultEpics

This channel has a number of erotic and cult films, along with a few interesting documentaries.

Kontakt TVkontakt

This channel offers a number of MMA Fights.

Media BlastersMediablasters


Anime and Japanese horror is the focus of this channel.

Private ScreeningsPrivateScreenings

Here you’ll find a number of erotic films.

Salvation FilmsSalvation


This channel offers a number of live concert recordings, and a few odd documentaries.

Sci-Fi Stationscifi



This channel offers a number of classic science fiction and horror films.

Silent FilmsSilentFilms

This channel features a number of the the works by Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and George Melies amongst others.

Something WeirdSomethingWeird

As you can see, this channel offers a lot of oldschool erotica and a few campy horror films as well.


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