Cold Fish

Just finished watching Cold Fish. It was suggested by a friend of mine, who had also not seen it. Thanks Steve! I had a good time watching it.

Cold Fish is about an unhappy, wimpy man whose aquarium and fish shop is not doing well, and his family is also pretty unhappy. His new wife and his daughter do not get along at all. So his daughter runs off and gets into some trouble (petty thievery). A weird stranger who also owns a fish shop comes in and gets her off the hook, but then he starts manipulating our protagonist into doing some really effed up shit. Threatening the lives of his family and business if he does not cooperate, but also promising great rewards if he complies.

Hilarity ensues.

It’s more of a dark comedy in some opinions than it is a horror story. The movie is more than 2 hours long, and it could have really only been like an hour. I was entertained the whole time that’s for sure.

There’s a lot of gore, but it’s not over the top unless you get freaked out by blood. There is a lot of blood… it’s a Japanese movie.

So in the beginning of the movie, before the first scene, they make a very over the top effort to let you know that this movie is based on a true story. After watching the movie, and reading the synopsis of the actual case, it’s pretty close. Really the only difference is that in real life, they were dog breeders instead of fish salesmen, and the accomplice wasn’t like our protagonist.

You can catch the movie on Netflix, and here’s a link to an article that explains what really happened.

If you really like this movie, you can buy it online at TCM Shop.


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