Bcast B-sides: It Gets Worse 1 – Vagina Shields

So, every now and then we here at the Bcast do podcasts outside outside the normal Bcast wheelhouse.  One such endeavor is a podcast named It Gets Worse, which is a podcast that Mike started with his friend Andy.  This is little more than an excuse to keep in touch with a friend a state away, but I think Andy is hilarious so you may too.  So listen to this B-side where Andy and Mike discuss interesting birth control apparati, and harebrained business ideas.

It Gets Worse is still a work in progress, and we will be trying to break it off into its own podcast sometime in the future. In the mean time, the Bcast b-sides offers a venue to make this content available.

The intro music is Necbromancer by Eat Babies? used with permission of the artist.


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  1. steve aka andy -

    No babies were harmed during the making of this podcast and even if we don\’t explain what a vagina shield really is I hope everyone understands that they are real!

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