Episode 135 – Kung Fury/Heatvision and Jack

58edc22f0e4314f68ca22df1c6a6b0a0_originalThis week we are joined by Steven and we took in a couple of outlandish and amazing shorts.  Kung Fury is the tail end of a pretty popular kickstarter campaign.  It packs in more batshit crazy 80s cop/time travel/laser raptor/nazi movie action in 30 mins than you’ve likely seen in your entire life, and we love it!  Heatvision and Jack is the pilot for a Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer-esque tv show that sadly never saw the light of day.  It stars Jack Black as an astronaut who flew too close to the sun and became a genius.  Now he has to stay on the run with his sentient motorcycle, voiced by Owen Wilson, solving mysteries and avoiding the NASA bounty hunter that wants to extract his brain.  If any of that made sense to you, and sounded awesome, please to enjoy.


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