Episode 137 – Chappie

1251623 - ChappieThe south African rap group Die Antwoord star in Neil Blomkamp’s latest movie about a sentient robot named Chappie.  Chances are if you don’t like the group’s odd gangster image, you may not like the film, but you would certainly be missing out.  This may be a story that has been told before, but the presentation and final product are worth the effort.  Please to enjoy.


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  1. Ren Mulligan -

    Hey guys. I really wanted to like this episode, but Mal…Watch the movie! Or don’t talk about it. I could name a ton of worse movies that you guys went over, so it didn’t feel fair. I kinda felt bad for Mike, cause you guys essentially abandoned the topic of the titled episode so early in. I have come to expect better, and I’m a bit disappointed. Please, either watch the whole movie or don’t cover it.

    • modestalchemist -

      There are actually a few movies that we didn’t entirely watch. Event Horizon comes to mind (we both fell asleep). I think I did give this movie a good go (tried to watch it 3 times). I did actually watch most of it. Stopped at around 15 minutes till the end.

      We’ve had a few scheduling problems lately where we have been going to different conventions/concerts/events and have been trying to jam in “make up” shows while still trying to to a regular Sunday show. It’s not always feasable because we work different shifts so a lot of the time, we’re trying to do shows at 10 pm on a Wednesday.

      And now it seems like i’m making excuses, but really I just think you deserve to know the reasoning behind it. (And I’ll agree that this episode would have gone a lot better if we weren’t just trying to get it done for the sake of posting content on a semi regular basis). When we actually watch the movie together, we can talk about it while watching it to help build up some good ideas to talk about. But in cases like this where we watch it separately, we are kindof left to our own devices, and hopefully they will converge gracefully.

      I really don’t think this movie has anything new to offer to the Pinnochio/AI genre that hasn’t already been done (and better). I didn’t connect with any of the characters, which is absolutely crucial in fantasy and science fiction stories. And the inclusion of Die Antwoord seemed more gimicky than anything. (And I actually like them as musical artists).

      Seriously though, thanks for the feedback. It’s always appreciated. 🙂

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