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Thursday Oct. 25
Automaton  Transfusion

This movie was an impulse buy at a used disc store.  Blind buying like this can result in some real gems you wouldn’t find otherwise.  I can’t say that was the case here.  I had heard good things about this one, but I have to say I don’t see it.  This boils down to a really vanilla zombie story.  It seems like they were aiming for that amateur shot ‘found footage’ trend.  This sadly results in the action shots being very shaky and hard to watch.  One place where this movie does shine is the effects.  This movie pulls no punches when it comes to the gore.  The death scenes and the zombies look amazing.  That said,  I can hardly recommend Automaton Transfusion.



Friday Oct.26

Worst Witch

This movie is hardly a horror film, but it definitely earns the b-movie label.  This movie is not actually all that bad, it just has a very movie of the week feel, and amazingly outdated effects.  Tim Curry makes an unforgettable cameo as the Grand Wizard.  The Grand Wizard talks as though he is always on the verge of getting laid, and as if this weren’t enough he sings the silliest song about Halloween featuring, among other things, sardines, Betamax, and a tambourine.  Words can’t do it justice.  It is also worth noting that this film spawned a TV series and has so many similarities to Harry Potter that you would think they ripped off the series, had the Worst Which not come first.  If you have the means, I would recommend giving this one a shot.


Saturday Oct. 27


This is a possession movie of sorts.  It starts kind of slow, where a child falls into a mysterious coma.  From there it just comes down to a series of jump scares that involve the mother seeing and hearing things that are supposedly not there and losing her mind bit by bit in the process.  Overall I found it to be a pretty by the book film.  It does have a bit of an interesting take on things near the end where the boy’s father goes into the realm of the dead to bring his son back.  I enjoyed their take on the realm of the restless souls, and it was nice to have a physical place to associate with the boy’s captive spirit.  I would say the end makes this an enjoyable enough movie.


Sunday Oct. 28

The Last House on the Left

I had seen the original some time ago, and decided to check out the remake.  This strays from the standard horror fare, into something of a revenge film.  The general premise is that two young girls run into a family of criminals and are submitted to some pretty sadistic treatment.  The youngest of the group invited them back to his hotel room, unaware that his uncle was breaking his dad out of police custody.  The brutal rape and murder scenes that follow are made all the more troubling because you can tell that the boy truly did not mean for any harm to come to the girls.  Stuck in the middle of nowhere during a storm, the family are forced to take refuge in the only house in the area, which just so happens to be the house of one of the girls they had raped.  When her parents find out, they systematically hunt them down and kill them one by one.  Oddly enough, I felt that the scenes where the rapists are murdered off were treated with more reserve than scenes earlier in the film.  The movie was pretty brutal up to the point where the villains get their just due.  It was a good movie if you have a stomach for the subject material, though I think the original was a bit better.


Monday Oct. 29

Fright Night

This movie kept reminding me of an episode of ‘Are you Afraid of the Dark?”  The premise is pretty similar to an episode involving a vampire moving in next door.  All the same beats are here, such as a foolish parent inviting the vampire into her home, thus stripping the house of its intrinsic protective value.  Where the stories deviate, however, is a certain focus on a vampire movie showcase called ‘Fright Night.’  The host of this show is called upon for vampire hunting expertise when the main protagonist fears he is dealing with a real life vampire.  This is where I have always had trouble suspending disbelief.  It does not strike me as rational to assume a man who showcases vampire movies would be any better suited to fight them in real life.  In the end, the so called vampire killer, has little more to offer than urban legends as old as any tale involving vampires.  Do we really need a character to tell us that you kill a vampire with a wooden stake through the heart?  These gripes aside, it is a decent vampire movie, and it benefits from a fair deal of 80s charm.


Tuesday Oct. 30


This is an interesting little film about a time traveling Warlock that aims to end the world.  A witch hunter follows him to the future to track him down.  The warlock is trying to reassemble the indestructible Grand Grimoire, an ancient spellbook, which contains the name of God.  Supposedly saying the name of God backwards will unmake all of creation.  This is Oscar-worthy stuff here.  The whole time I can’t help but picture this movie is kind of like a reverse of Terminator, with people coming from the past to end the world instead of the future.  So the movie is a bit silly, but it is an entertaining watch.  It is worth watching to see the inner workings of the witchcraft alone.


Wednesday Oct. 31

Idle Hands

For Halloween I wanted to watch one of my favorites.  Idle Hands is the story of Anton, a man so lazy that his hand gets possessed by a demon.  After killing off his friends and family, he decides to cut off the possessed hand.  His friends come back as zombies and unknowingly release his homicidal hand in an attempt to heat up frozen burritos.  Together they have to hunt down Anton’s hand at a school dance to save the girl he loves from being taken to hell.  The movie is every bit as awesome as it sounds.  It rides the line between funny and scary successfully.  If you haven’t seen it, then do it now!


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