A Little ‘behind the scenes’

I have been called out on occasion by my co-host Mal, for calling a movie a fun family film after describing some of the most depraved, gory, and borderline pornographic works ever committed to film.  I also often refer to my peers as ‘kids’ despite many of them being adults every bit as responsible, and often more so than myself.  The way my mind works, I prefer to think of my many friends and acquaintances as psychotically demented 5 year olds rather than slightly quirky adults.  This has nothing to do with any actual affinity for children, but more to do with the way I’ve experienced life.  I still view people all around me as adults, as though I never actually joined their ranks.  I am 27 and work upwards of 50 hours a week, for God’s sake.

not bad for less than $20

I’ve got my work ahead of me.

In the spirit of this outlook I tend to love movies that are beyond ridiculous.  This fondness led to the conversation that spawned this podcast.  Today I purchased 22 movies for the grand total $16.  This hull includes such masterful titles as Hell in Frogtown, Attack of the Giant Leeches, and Bloody Pit of Horrors.  In the coming weeks I will watch each of these films one at a time, quite possibly to my detriment. I will recommend or warn against them on the show as I see fit.  I also recently purchased the trash film bible, “Cult Flicks and Trash Pics,” as a resource to seek out more cinematic gems for our show.

Cult Flicks and Trash Pics

Speaks for itself

This is a labor of love.  Our show will continue on because I love watching these movies and sharing the experience.  To those that listen to our show, and are reading this right now, thank you.  I love all you mentally deranged children.  I hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into my mind.  We’ll keep watching the trash so you don’t have to, and I will talk to you all again on next week’s show!


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  1. Sethifus -

    I’ve seen One Hour Photo. It’s… pretty good. It’s just… not… I mean. It’s well done. I guess you could group it into the “Family Friendly” movies you’ve been talking about.

    I thought you’d seen it already.

  2. modestalchemist -

    this being in your 20’s and still not feeling like an adult is actually very common in this day and age, what with kids staying at home through college and such. Clark University has coined the term “Emerging Adulthood”. They view it as a new life stage for people 18-29.

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