Mindfuck Theater presents Excision


I love women covered in blood.  This is one of those things I usually keep to myself because people tend to fear that which they do not understand.  That being said, I know I am not the only one that feels this way.  There are places that cater to this type of things in the neglected dark corners of the internet.  Film is another area that fails to disappoint, which brings me to my point.  Excision is a movie for sick bastards like myself.

Enter Pauline, an awkward teenage girl with an overbearing mother, an emasculated father, and a sick little sister.  Like many kids her age, Pauline doesn’t quite fit in and has some very strong opinions that aren’t well received.  It doesn’t help that her mother forces her into therapy and social engagements clearly not meant for her.  Despite all that Pauline never loses her focus on what seems her only goal, to become a surgeon.  This is where the fun comes in.  Pauline has a very active imagination, in which she is a highly attractive surgeon, who spends her time bathing in blood and performing procedures on cadavers.  The imagery is fantastic.  These fantasies take place in a very pristine and sterile environment.  Her idealized self is surrounded by many half naked women and men, who assist her, or just lie around adding to the twisted beautiful scenery.

The film has a surprisingly star studded cast.  John Waters has a small role as a priest.  Malcolm McDowell plays a high school teacher.  Then there is Traci Lords playing Pauline’s mother.  Star or not, however, everyone gives an amazing performance in this film.  You believe the characters to the point that when everything turns terrible in the end you believe that it is just a perversion of the best of intentions.

Excision is a bloody good time.  It is the kind of movie you want to watch with young children and conservative family members.  If you like what you’ve read then please watch and enjoy.


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