Mindfuck Theater presents Pony Trouble

metrodvdcoverfrontI do a lot of blind buying of movies. Some of the most memorable cinematic experiences come from those films you never knew existed. Pony Trouble was one such gem. Flip the DVD over and you’ll find in large type “Cannibalism, Necromancy, and Plastic Horses.” Sold. I need to know nothing more about the film but that. What I found was another worthy entry to the Mindfuck Theater.

The loose story surrounds Cindy, the leader of a local larping group focused on this movie’s generic ‘My Little Pony’ clone. She wins the ‘Why I Love the Pony Game’ essay writing contest, and gets to be the subject of a documentary about the Pony Game culture. Things go south when it’ discovered that the documentary crew is slanting their film towards a less than favorable portrayal of the group’s favorite pass time. The aftermath of this involves the murder of larp members, the film crew, and eventually almost every living character. Robot assassins are dispatched. People are brought back from the dead, and doomsday weapons are stolen.

I enjoyed this movie for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, the following the larp group is a look into the mind of the deranged. To watch a group of grown people take so seriously a game that is basically about pretending to be magical ponies and shooting spells at each other is a bit unnerving. This is amplified when orgies start and members will take to killing to acquire a higher rank within the game. As if this weren’t enough, out of nowhere the group kills and eats one member of the film crew and beheads another.

The acting is surprisingly good for what is obviously a low budget movie. There are a number a few songs in this movie from the Freezepop, who would blow up shortly thereafter due to being featured in Guitar Hero. There is even an original song that serves as a bit of a theme song for the movie, which I currently have stuck in my head. That song and the conclusion to the movie make about as much sense as the rest of this nonsense, but I still found it a delightful distraction. So, if you feel like stretching your mind pop this movie in. I hope you had as much fun with it as I did.


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