Episode 9 – Little Shop of Horrors

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  1. Renee Brown -

    I LOVE Ellen Greene in Pushing Daisies. If you’re a fan of Ellen Greene, you should definitely check out Pushing Daisies. Her singing voice is absolutely amazing. She breaks out into song in the show a couple of times. Plus it’s a show about pie. Who doesn’t love pie….other than me?

    I’m a HUGE musical fan. So when I saw that you guys did a podcast of Little Shop of Horrors, I was ecstatic! The original movie is good, but add color and pizazz and you get the fun-loving, off the wall, musical perfection that I watch once a month. It was perfectly casted, perfectly shot, and just perfect in general. What do you expect from a musical fan girl though?

    • modestalchemist -

      i’ve seen a couple episodes of pushing daisies. i’ll have to get back into it. I do love Ellen Greene. Musicals are the best!

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