Episode 34 – Horrorhound Extravaganza

On the weekend of March 22-24th Mike was at the Horrorhound Weekend con in Cincinnati, OH.  This episode is a collection of interviews with a number of notable characters at the con.  The list includes past guest such as Branden from the Tromeo and Juliet pod, and Joe from the horror bowling double feature.  New guests in this episode include Fred Vogel of Toe  Tag Pictures, Haley and Jadie from Concept media, 3 of the 4 memebers of the Jewcow Podcast Kingdom (Josh, Kyle, and Stacey), and the rest of the Harley Poe crew (Christian, Wes, and Greg).  This episode was a blast to record, so I hope it is as much fun to listen to.

2013-03-24 13.44.29

Sandwiched between the lovely Haley Madison, left, and Jadie Goodpasture, right, stars of the Concept Media film, Bludgeon.


2013-03-24 12.56.01

Josh, Stacey, and Kyle of Jewcow Podcast Kingdom. Pay no mind to the hairy gentleman in the back.



Myself with the amazing Harley Poe and Jewcow folks. Starting from the left its me, Stacey, Joe, Christian, Wes, Greg, and Kyle.


Toe Tag Pictures

Concept Media

Jewcow Podcast Kingdom

Harley Poe


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