Episode 35 – Return to Oz

Return to Oz is an example of how older Disney movies were actually rather dark. Join Dorothy and a new band of comrades on their quest to save Oz from the Gnome King.

We drew a bunch of pictures of the characters while we were watching this movie.

 photo IMG_20130406_164939_787_zpsb246b788.jpgHere’s one that Seth drew of Jack Pumpkinhead. He is basically a scarecrow with a pumpkin head. He was created by Tip as a prank to scare Mombi the witch, but then Mombi poured some life powder on him and he came to life. In Return to Oz, Jack Pumpkin helps Dorothy escape from the clutches of Mombi, and then joins her and the others on their journey to find Scarecrow.











 photo IMG_20130406_164958_961_zps087300df.jpg


This next picture is of Dorothy. Seth drew this one too. When Dorothy finally made it home to Kansas, she couldn’t wait to tell Aunt Em and Uncle Henry about Oz. But Oz just couldn’t be real, so they took Dorothy to a hospital where she could see a doctor who had ideas of his own about hot to treat Dorothy’s condition. Electro shock therapy.

But with the help of another strange girl in the hospital, Dorothy escaped and ran away. She fell into a rageing river, and then woke up back in the familiar land of Oz with her chicken Belina. But Oz wasn’t how she left it. Everyone was turned to stone.







 photo IMG_20130406_165015_146_zps5aa49efd.jpg

This terribly frightning image is an excellently drawn illustration of a Wheeler. These goons have all but taken over what’s left of Oz.

 photo IMG_20130406_165030_096_zpsd89d4770.jpg

This is a picture of Scarecrow, the King of Oz. Where is he? Dorothy must find him in order to restore Oz to it’s former glory!














 photo IMG_20130406_165041_583_zps3aa28847.jpg

This is the wonderfully drawn Tick-Tock. He’s Dorothy’s first new friend on this trip to Oz. He’s an interesting guy with a neat little mustache. Be careful though, if you let one of his gears wind down, he’s utterly useless. That’s right, you have to wind up his action, thinking and speaking indivially. Just think of all the trouble you could get into with a walking talking man who can’t think! Or a perfectly intelligent one who couldn’t speak! Tick-Tock is definitely my favorite of Dorothy’s friends ever!

< Mike drew this.








 photo IMG_20130406_165052_472_zps4d262e68.jpg< Mike also drew this

Mombi is a terrible witch who has a different head for each one of her moods. She’s got them in cases on display like at a meuseum! She thinks dorothy’s head is a pretty one, but it’s still too childish, so she locks dorothy up in a closet or something so she can get older and prettier enough to be a suitable addition to her collection.










 photo IMG_20130406_165212_577_zpsf6f98872.jpg

This beautiful chicken is Belina. Belina lives with Dorothy in Kansas, but she has been having trouble laying eggs lately, and Aunt Em is wanting to make her into dinner.

Somehow Belina finds herself in Oz with Dorothy, and she helps save all of Oz.











 photo IMG_20130406_165252_127_zps3bfa5171.jpg

This is a picture of Mombi with all her heads on display.

Please let us know what you think about our art in the comments below!














Check out the trailer and this week’s song below!


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