NecrOmNomIcon: The Pizza of the Dead

Last night we summoned the Evil NecrOmNomIcon, better known as The Pizza of the Dead.

Here’s a few pics of our ritualistic summoning.

 photo GosmsPhoto1366366836936_zpsa3901b64.jpg

First, you need your supplies.

Blood of the Innocent (Sauce)

Flesh of the Innocent ( Crust mix)

More Flesh of the Innocent (Pepperoni)

Teeth of the Damned (Garlic Cloves)

A Soulless Abyss ( Black Olives)

Don’t forget to consult your Recipe Book of the Dead for instructions (or the instructions on your crust mix.)

 photo GosmsPhoto1366366785767_zps84dc3a69.jpg

Once your crust dough is ready, spread it out onto a book-shaped cookie sheet.

Use your hands to sculpt an evil face.

Use black olives to fill in the areas that should be windows into the Demon’s hollow soulless emptiness.

Garlic can be used as teeth.

Put extra olives all over pizza for added deliciousness and texture.

 photo GosmsPhoto1366366737169_zps2d63106b.jpg

Shread your pepperoni, and cover the fleshy bits of the NecrOmNomIcon for texture.

Cover everything with the Blood of the Innocent. Leave it off the face bits so they’re easier to see after cooking.

We used garlic cloves as eyes, but changed them out for olives because they’re more dramatic.

 photo GosmsPhoto1366366711504_zps3ac4c601.jpg
Next, cover everything with cheese. Leave the details of the mouth, nose and eyes mostly free of cheese. It does not work if you cover everything up. You may as well just make a regular pizza. Just as good, but not nearly as fun.

 photo 2013041895195600_zps651ac159.jpg


Preheat oven to temp specified in the Recipe Book of the Dead.

Now throw that evil motherfucker into the oven to summon forth the Pizza of the Dead. 

It may take 15-20 minutes for the full ritual to be complete. Please be patient, Evil sneeks up on its victims.

When finished, there’s only one thing left to do.

 photo GosmsPhoto1366366642474_zpsb662e290.jpg

Swallow it’s SOUL! MuahHAHAHAHAHha!

Actually, you may want to wait a few minutes for it to cool before attempting to swallow it. 


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