One Man’s Trash: Subspecies, Night of the Creeps, My Pure Joy


this is an odd take on the pretty basic ‘old world’ vampire movies.  It takes place in Transylvania in a pretty rustic old village. The movie’s title refers to these tiny demons formed from the main vampire’s flesh.  He’ll tear off a finger and it turns into a little red minion.  These serve little, purpose, however, except to up the camp value of the film.  Overall the movie serves as a serviceable vampire movie with a few interesting ideas.  One such idea is a ‘Bloodstone’ a rock stolen from the vatican that drips the blood of the saints, which seems to be a means of allowing for peaceful coexistence between the vampires. Sadly the other interesting idea, the titular Subspecies, is never really used to its full potential.  They only appear in a few scenes and never do more than flip a switch or carry an object a few feet.  Note: if you watch for it, one of the boob scenes made it into this trailer.  NSFW


Night of the Creepsnight-of-the-creeps-movie-poster-1986-1020209928

This movie was a lot of fun.  The movie opens on an alien ship manned by midgets in suits with only one facial expression chasing after one alien that is trying to jettison an experimental bioweapon.  This weapon lands on earth and interrupts a date destined for failure.  Fast forward 30 years, and the boy who was exposed to the weapon has ended up in a college cryogenics lab.  Yep, thats the level of attention to detail you can expect here.  As luck would have it, a fraternity prank to impress a girl defrosts the corpse, only to see it walk off and have its head explode releasing space slugs everywhere.  These slugs jump into the mouths of unsuspecting victims, lay eggs in their brains, lather, rinse, and repeat.  Somewhere between Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Night of the Living Dead, Night of the Creeps is a horror movie with heart that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  There’s a good time here, if you choose to have it.  Also worth noting is that the movie Slither by James Gunn is heavily influenced by this movie, and has the same playful spirit.  If you like this movie, you might give Slither a chance as well.

My Pure Joymy-pure-joy-poster

In My Pure Joy  a teenage boy decides the thing that his life is missing more than anything is a murder spree.  He keeps a journal of his misdeeds which he has entitled My Pure Joy.  The movie is an interesting mix of his masked murder sessions, and his mundane life hanging out with friends and dealing with family.  The social life sections of the movie drag it out, however they do serve to show his grasp on sanity loosening.  I liked this movie overall.  It was fascinating to study the mental state of our killer slowly deteriorate.  It’s worth noting that this movie has one of the few fabled vagina shots, however given the context and the mistreatment it suffers, I am not certain that it wasn’t just a latex mockup.





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