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Streaming movies has become a staple of everyday life over the last few years.  It seems the further out we go the more options we are presented with.  I happened upon a site, Digidev.tv,  a few weeks back that offers streaming subscriptions for a number of “channels,” at $5 a month per channel.  There were two particular channels that struck my fancy so I signed up for a 7 day free trial and I am going to share my experiences with you here.


The two channels I am sampling are the Synapse Films channel and the Something Weird Video channel.  If you are unfamiliar with these companies, allow me to shed a little light on them for you.  Synapse film is a company that puts out campy exploitation films.  They offer a little bit of everything in the horror and exploitation genres.  Something Weird Video is a similar company, but they focus more on 60s and 70s sexploitation.  They offer a lot of retro burlesque performances, sexploitation films, and a lot of old educational PSAs, of all things.


The currently available channels.

The draw of these streaming opportunities is that these sorts of films are not that widely available, and to fans of the trashier genres its appealing to have this content at your fingertips.  The question of the hour is, ‘Is it worth it?’  That comes down to personal preference.  For my money, the Synapse Films channel doesn’t have enough content at this moment to warrant a long term investment, tough what they do offer is certainly of high quality.   The Something Weird Channel  has quite a bit more content, but it is important to take into consideration that at $5 a month, it cost roughly half as much as a netflix and doesn’t come near to half the content available.


The good thing, is that with no contracts, you can throw down $5 at any point and enjoy unlimited access to this content for a good 30 days.  From that perspective it is an amazing deal.  To close this article out, I have a list of all the Synapse Films available and selected titles from the Something Weird offerings.  I offer these lists, because I find it useful to know what I am paying to access, and I find the lack of this info on the official sites quite upsetting.


Synapse films


Six Days in Roswell, 42nd street forever vol 1, 42nd street forever vol 2, 42nd street forever vol 3, Animalada, Bacchanales Sexuelles, Barricada, Basket Case 2, Beast from Haunted Cave, The Booby Hatch, Black Roses, The Brain that Wouldn’t Die, Brutes and Savages, Castle of Blood, Christmas Evil, Cyclone, Dead American Woman, Dead Dreams, Death of a Snowman, Debauchery, Embodiment of Evil, Evil Dead Trap, Executive Koala, Exposed, the Exterminator, Frat house Massacre, Gun of the Black Sun, Header, Home Sick, Invasion USA, Karaoke Terror, Lemora, Madame O, My Pure Joy, Night Train, Olga’s Girls, Organ, Psycho Killer, Resonnances, Rock’n’Roll Nightmare, Rosaridasinos, The Rug Cop, A Simple Midwest Story, Singapore Sling, Schoolgirl Report, Schoolgirl Report 2, Schoolgirl Report 3, Thou Shalt Not Kill… Except, Triumph of the Will, Sex Hell: True Story of a woman in Jail, Stillwater, Violence and Flesh, The World Sinks Except Japan, Yesterday


Something weird


Alice in Acidland, Adam and Six Eves,The Adult Version of Jekyll and Hide, Alcohol is Dynamite, All Women are Bad, Amateur Outdoor Catfighting, Bathtub Beauties, The Beast that Killed Women, Bettie Page Peepshow, Bettie Page’s Harem Strip, The Big Big Bust, Biker Beach Party, Blood Feast, The Body Beneath, The Bottle and The Throttle, Brave Whistle Light, Bowery Scandals,  The Bust Out, Bust-o-Rama, Carnival Story, Carnivorous Plants, Chained Girls, Codename: Raw-Hide, Color Me Blood Red, Comunity Fly Control, Confessions of a Psycho Cat, Cosmic Striptease, The Curse of her Flesh, Curvaceous Cuties Of Burlesque, Dangerous Stranger, Dapper Snapper, A Day of Thanksgiving, Deadly Weapons, Dinosaur Hunt, Don’t Be Afraid, Double agent 73, Dr. Sex, The Erotic Adventures of Zorro, Everybody Loves It, The Fat Black Pussycat, Godmonster of Indian Flats, A Good Time with a Bad Girl, The Gore Gore Girls, The Gruesome Twosome, House on Bare Mountain, It’s a Revolution Mother, It’s a Sick Sick Sick World, Just for the Hell of It, Like Wow!, The Love Captive, The Lusting Hours, Mr. Mari’s Girls, My Tale is Hot, Olga’s Dance Hall Girls, Olga’s House of Shame, Pin-Down Girls, The Ramrodder, The Rotten Apple, Sexy Probitissimo, She Freak, Swamp Girl, Two Thousand Maniacs, The Wild Women of Wongo


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