Mindfuck Theater: The Taint

the-taintA good friend talked me into buying a movie entitled The Taint.  In all fairness I didn’t need much convincing.  First of all, I am always willing to give a Troma film a chance.  Second, with a title like The Taint, you can expect entertainment, or at the very least some hot genital bridging skin shots.  What cannot always be expected in these instances however, is a good movie.  That is why I was pleasantly surprised when I sat down to watch The Taint.  The same twisted mentality that went into this  is carried throughout the entire movie, and the result is a delightful experience for the whole family to enjoy.


The taint follows Phil who discovers that something has happened to the men of his town causing them to murder women in a testosterone fueled rage.  He teams up with Misandra, one of the remaining women, to survive and get to the bottom of the mess they’re in.  We learn through a flashback that Misandra was happily married until her husband was infected with the taint, which had been released in the local water supply.  His post coital glass of water resulted in a caved in head after an ill advised attack on his lovely wife.  When we return to the present, Phil runs into a group of old classmates and his gym teacher.  They have formed a lord of the flies style group dynamic.  An amusing montage takes place, but ends abruptly when they see Misandra and decide to gang rape her.  The would be gang rapers are thwarted by an odd masked man, who explains the origin of the taint.  This leads to the end of the film, which I would rather not spoil.


There is something nostalgic about the whole film.  The soundtrack is a wonderful original arrangement of synth music.  The general look of the film would make it at home in the 80s, which only helps to win my favor.  There’s not a great deal of story, but what it has is entertaining and effective.  That which it lacks in substance is also made up for in style.  I am referring of  course to the exposed penises spewing gallons of semen, wire hanger abortions, and face removals.  If you’ve been burned by Troma films in the past, I urge you to give this one a chance.  It is gems like the taint that keep me coming back, and help me forget about Dead Dudes in the House.



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