One Mans Trash, Drive-in Triple Feature

I happened to watch three movies that feature Drive-ins in a small period of time, so I decided to post them all in this post


Hollywood Boulevard  hollywood-boulevard-movie-poster-1976-1020193545

This movie is a hell of a good time.  The story centers around Miracle Pictures, an independent film company which derives its name from the assertion that it would be a miracle if one of their films was to be good.  This company produces films quick and dirty, with an emphasis on tits and ass.  Troma Entertainment would be proud.  A fatal accident leaves them out a stunt girl.  Enter Candy, an impressionable young girl straight off the bus from Smalltown, USA, with a dream of becoming a Hollywood actress.  She falls right into the Miracle Pictures family, and quickly becomes a leading lady.  Things start to go wrong all around her, with a number of fatal accidents take place with the stunt equipment.  As you might imagine, the accidents turn out to be the works of a murderer.  This was a Roger Corman Presents disc, and I am glad I picked it up.  The movie was funny, silly, and sleazy.  It manages to be a lighthearted film, despite the murder plot.  If you’ve read this far, and are wondering about the drive-in connection, there is a fairly prominent scene of Candy going to the premier of her first leading role at a drive-in.  It was also in a line up with some amazing looking b-movies.


Bikini Drive inbikinidriein2

You undoubtedly know the drill, your grandpa dies and leaves you the family drive-in business, only to find it swimming in debt which must be raised by Monday morning.  Not only that, but there is a corrupt businessman trying to strong arm you into selling.  What do you do?  Well you out on a bikini and play classic B movies of course!  The simple plot here is an excuse to have a cleaning montage that turns into a topless water fight, gogo dancers in the caged marquee, and a cameo by the stunning and nude Michelle Baur,star of the B-movie classic Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers.  This movie is exploitation at its finest.  You don’t have to look far for boobs, but despite that it still has an almost innocent humor to it.  It also pays homage to the B-movies that came before it, which gives it.many points in my eyes.  Lastly jt takes place at a drive in, which evokes nostalgia in me.  I really enjoyed this movie, and as long as you don’t’ go in expecting Shakespeare you probably will too.

It seems there is no trailer available, so instead, here is a montage of bikini clad women from the movie.

Dead End Drive indead-end-drive-in-movie-poster-1986-1020209862

An interesting semi futuristic movie where the better part of society has broken down.  The streets are overrun with demolition derby street gangs.  One of the few remaining thriving career fields is tow truck driving.  The movie really gets started when our lead, Crabs, takes his girlfriend to a Drive-in in a shady area of town.  At some point during their copulation, the car jolts abruptly.  After Discovering that two of his wheels have been stolen, Crab finds himself stranded at the drive-in, which seems to double as a sort of concentration camp for the city’s undesirables. The bulk of the story revolves around Crab trying to find a way out, and refusing to become a part of the community he finds thrust upon him.  The movie is something of a visual treat, what with the outlandish car modifications and the dress of the punkish gangs.  With the forced captivity, this film gives a prison film vibe.   I enjoyed this movie thoroughly.  There were no shortage of exploitable elements, (Read: Boobs) and a solid escape story to boot.


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