Episode 44 – The Story of Ricky

This week Mike is joined by Robin Bougie, the creative force behind Cinema Sewer.  Together they discuss The Story of Ricky, also known as Ricky Oh, which is an over the top Hong Kong martial arts film.  The story centers around Ricky who is a new prisoner in a corrupt prison.  He quickly causes friction by being a decent guy, and uses his superhuman strength to take down all that oppose him.  Like I said earlier, this film is quite over the top.  There is gore a plenty and all the performances are quite overzealous.

In Cinema Sewer Robin reviews a mixture of amazing exploitation, horror, and porn. These are interspersed with his comics and artwork. It is hand lettered zine with a lot of character. It is obviously a labor of love, and Robin is an awesome guy who knows his trash cinema. I hope you guys enjoy the episode and check out Robin’s work below.

Cinema Sewer

Cinema Sewer Website

The Story of Ricky

Check out the trailer and this week’s song below.


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