Bonus Episode – Days of the Dead Extravaganza

Mike and Mal went to Days of the Dead – Indy, and had a fantastic time! We learned some pretty cool stuff, and interviewed some awesome and interesting folks.

more fantastic art by Dick Starr

Fantastic art by Dick Starr

Dick Starr is a kick-ass guy who kills annoying celebrity fame by drawing them dead. Check him out and vote in his poll for his next “kill”.

Very cool Walking Dead Ninja Turtles mash-up piece by Adam Michaels of Adam’s Art Box.

We also interviewed Adam Michaels of Adam’s Art Box. He was super cool and we had some interesting conversations about the Ninja Turtles, and Predator. Most of his art he likes to call, “Living room art” and is fancy and interesting enough to put on display. This isn’t the kind of thing you’ll see on mass produced digital posters anywhere.
Adam’s Art Box

Finally, we interviewed Kevin Strange and D.F. Noble from Strangehouse books. They’re a couple of awesome guys who put together a publishing copany for other awesome people who traditionally have a hard time getting published due to their content being too awesome for the status quo. Because if you fail at making movies, or being a stadium rock star, you can maybe fall back on writing.

Also check out their super awesome podcast called “Reading to Monsters”. They read segments from their stories and talk about the cool stuff they’re working on!

Strangehouse Books


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