The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Walkthrough with Commentary


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If you haven’t seen it yet, you can view it on AMC’s website.

Keep in mind, this link will only be valid until AMC takes it down.

This post is chuck full of Spoilers, so watch the link above.

And now that you’ve all taken the time to watch it, I will speak freely.

Oh wow! the first scene is just full of story. This bodes very well for the rest of the season. Finally, with the deaths of Dale and Sophia, and the loss of Andrea, we are able to make a clean break from the source material. This is like Alternate Universe Walking Dead.

In the first scene, you see Carl and Rick clearing out a house. At first I thought that this was after the Prison story line, a clip of the future that the rest of the season builds up to, with Carl and Rick alone. I just kept expecting the phone to ring. You may have been thinking the same thing if you have read the comics. Then Rick opens a door, and Daryl is there.

It goes to say something that Carl is actually helping the men clear out the house. They must have come up on some very hard times if Lori is letting Carl do anything related to shooting a gun. Rick even lets him wander upstairs by himself to kill walkers.

They finish clearing out the house and the rest of the characters come inside. You can see everyone is dirty and tattered. Lori is friggin huge. She looks like she’s about 7 or 8 months along. This bodes well for the Prison arch. Perhaps it won’t be nearly as long as it was in the books, in which Lori had just found out about her baby, had time to grow it, give birth and well… it just took a long time. I hope they don’t rush it though. There was a lot of story that evolved in the Prison arch.

Daryl shoots an owl, and Carl raids the kitchen only to find two cans of dog food, which he is more than eager to eat. Rick takes the dog food away after reading the back of one of the cans… I guess it wasn’t food after all?  This shows a little bit about Rick. If his party is resorting to eating dog food, then he is failing. This may either show that the group may be starting to fall apart under his leadership, or that he is trying to show them that they still have standards and do not have to resort to eating dog food.

T-Dogg looks out the window so see about 15 zombies coming towards the house after them only being there for 3 minutes. The group abandons the house and they drive away, but not before Maggie grabs an ax from the nearby wood pile almost getting bit in the process.

Not a single word was spoken, and there was already more story told in this one scene than in all of Season 2.

So the group is back on the road trying to plan what to do next. Meanwhile, Rick and Daryl go off into the woods to try and find some food. They get about 3 steps into the woods and just stumble upon this huge prison. I have a little bit of a problem with this transition because someone had previously said that they have been going in circles all winter, and now they just tumble upon this prison? I’m surprised they didn’t see any signs in the area indicating that there was a prison about.

So they break into the prison yard and seal up the fence behind them with a bike lock cable. Then they start clearing out the prison yard of ex-prisoner zombies. Carol almost shoots rick in the leg by accident. I’m not sure why they even give her a gun. She is terrible. There weren’t even any zombies around rick at all. They finish clearing the yard and Lori feels better than she has in weeks.

Night time and Rick is patrolling the perimeter of the yard looking for any weak points in the fence. Daryl is standing at a high point keeping watch, and the rest of the group is sitting around a fire eating what little bits of food they have. It looks like they may have spent the rest of the afternoon hunting because they have meat. It looks like some kind of bird, and it looks like there is at least enough to go around, but no one is full. Hershel asks Beth to sing a song. Maggie joins in.

Carol goes off to talk to Daryl and bring hims a bit of food. He makes some off handed comment about how “Little Shane must have a huge appetite” or something like that, and Carol tells him not to be mean. Then she tricks him into giving her a back rub. Which is kind of gross, and seeing them so close together, with their similar facial features makes me wonder if they’re actually distant cousins or something. Carol says something about something being romantic, and asks Daryl if he wants to “screw around”. I think we’re actually supposed to take this as a joke. Daryl actually doesn’t seem interested in Carol other than maybe close friends. Carol on the other hand seems like she’s getting pretty attached and needy with him. I can’t wait till Michonne comes in and complicates their relationship.

Lori and Rick have a moment where she tries to tell him something about the baby, and Rick just doesn’t want to talk about it. We all know it’s Shane’s baby, I even think that they have already had this conversation, so I’m a little confused as to what she’s telling him, and what he’s trying to avoid.

Rick tells everyone that they need to rest up because tomorrow they’re clearing out the prison.

Daryl, Rick, Glenn and Maggie go into the next fenced in area and kill a bunch of walkers. They have a little trouble withe the ones in SWAT gear till Maggie stabs one from under its helmet. Duh… Daryl tried to shoot an arrow through the protective gear, and was unsuccessful. It was funny.

They then, clear out the nearest block of cells and everyone finds a room. Carl and Beth are hanging out when Hershel walks in and asks Carl if he’s found his own room yet. What a douche! The kid is 9 years old, what’s he going to do to 15 year old Beth?  Glen checks Maggie for scratches, finds none, and they hug and kiss. Lori and Carol go into a cell and sit down. Daryl says he’s not sleeping in a cage, so he sleeps on the stairs. Rick sits down in the hallway.

Cut to Michonne being a bad ass in a  drugstore. She awesomely kills like 8 walkers with her ninja sword.

Andrea is sick with pneumonia, and they’re holed up in some kind of establishment with no windows. Michonne says they’ll leave the small town in a few days, and Andrea says that if they stay, she’ll die there. So they load up the pet zombies, who have no arms, or jaws, and they leave.

Back in the prison, the men are counting their supplies. They’ve gathered some stuff from around the yards they cleared the previous day. Carol comes to get Hershel because Lori is scared about something, but she tells Rick not to worry.

Lori confides in Hershel that she think she’s lost the baby. She hasn’t felt it move in a while, and she’s panicked that it’s a zombie baby and it’s going to rip its way out of her. If it is still alive, she’s afraid that she might die during birth and attack it, or someone else. She tells Hershel that if it comes down to that, he needs to kill her or the baby without hesitation. She also says something about her feeling guilty for putting Rick and Shane at odds.

Rick and the gang make their way into another part of the prison looking for the cafeteria and the clinic. Carl wants to go, but rick tells him if something goes wrong, he may be the last man standing and he’ll need to take care of his mom. So he stays.

They walk around these dark hallways with flashlights. Glenn paints arrows on the walls so they don’t get lost. They’re attacked by a large group of walkers and Maggie and Glenn are separated from the group. As soon as they rejoin the group Hershel is bit on the leg by a lurker. The group rushes him to a room that they are able to seal off. Rick hacks off Hershel’s leg at the knee in an attempt to keep him from turning into a zombie. He has trouble stopping the bleeding. They look up to see several living prisoners locked in an adjacent area who are just as surprised to see them.

You don’t know if Hershel makes it.

The end.



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